About Us

The Cause 

Plastic. We made it, we depend on it, and now we’re drowning in it. 

We use plastic bottles for our juices as they are cold-pressed, never pasteurized and undergo high water pressure processing (HPP) technology for preserving the juice. Plastic is the only element that can sustain the pressure, glass cannot withstand the high pressure. 

Any juice that’s in a tetrapak or a glass bottle is pasteurized in order to get shelf life and pasteurizing impacts the nutritional value of the juice. Our juices are never boiled or pasteurized to preserve nutrition value in the juices. 

Glass is also heavier and requires more fuel energy to transport impacting the environment with higher carbon footprint. 

These realities made us think hard for an innovative solution. 

The world is currently producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year, bringing a severe environmental threat to our attention. While many believe that the threat is distant because our oceans are so vast, the consequences are rising quickly - more quickly than any of us could have ever imagined. With the growing amount of plastic waste by the second, the health of our oceans, our land, and our people are in jeopardy.  Natural protection, biodiversity, oxygen, food, habitats, economy, medicine, tourism, all are at risk for our entire planet, from life down under to life above. With a depleting coral eco system comes a depleting quality of life.

So what really is the primary cause of our problem? Plastic bottles aren’t putting themselves in landfills and oceans, we are the ones putting it there. By redirecting where we put our plastic and by giving our plastic purpose, there is power to turn this threat into a solution. Plastic is powerful and we’re harnessing its power.

The Initiative

There is no quick solution to helping our planet, but we’re starting a wave of change. 

We at Raw Pressery take action to be part of the solution. By bringing together our care and concern for the ocean with our love for all things RAW, we launched RAWCYCLED,  a recycling initiative. We’re transforming your trash from waste to wear by collecting used bottles and creating polyester out of the plastic and in turn, into apparel. By getting involved and purchasing one of our products, you’re taking your first step towards waste management, creating a circular economy, and protecting our environment. 

With the makers, doers and thought leaders of our society,  we hope to create a healthy and sustainable planet earth by creating a recycling community.

It’s a drop in the ocean, but every little counts. 


The Process

We’re showing you how it gets done, 7 RAW Pressery bottles at a time. 

After you consume and recycle your Raw Pressery bottles, we come to you and take those bottles to our factory for the real transformation. We start by taking the PET bottles and breaking it down into small plastic flakes. These flakes get melted down at 270 degrees into tiny pellets through an industrial sieve which are filtered and then spun into yarn. This man-made thread is then treated and drawn onto spinners to weave recycled plastic polyester for our products. The fabric is then further treated on a carding machine which breaks the bonds of the fabric to give you that extra soft texture. We then combine it with Dry Fit technology and 5% Spandex to give you tees that take you from street to the studio in the trendiest way!